17 April 2008

What will he say next?

Here's a most interesting insight over at Augsburg 1530.

Mollie reminds us that the synod's Board for Communication Services is meeting today and tomorrow, and certainly one of its agenda items is to hear what happened to Issues, Etc., Pr. Wilken, Mr. Schwarz, and why it happened. We will keep the Board members in our prayers, that they may "do the right thing" and seek the truth of why the show was canceled and why two faithful servants of the church were summarily fired (and not give in to the temptation to politic and cover up the truth). We will pray for Mr. Strand as he will, no doubt, be asked to answer some difficult questions.

Mollie also points out some amazingly laudatory things that David Strand said about Issues, Etc. just last summer at the synodical convention (See some quotes here.). It sure makes one wonder what happened in just those few months to turn Issues, Etc. - in the view of some, at least - from "KFUO-AM’s premier national-radio program" into the one lamb that just had to be sacrificed to somehow, single-handedly (?), save the radio station's faltering (mismanaged?) budget.

I do not envy the position in which Mr. Strand finds himself! This has to be very tough on him, perhaps eating him alive inside. David, I'm praying for you, for God's peace in Christ Jesus to lead, guide, and comfort you, and for God's Truth, Jesus Christ Himself, to lead you into all truth as you deal with the fallout of your decision given on March 18 and as you answer tough questions from the Board to which you report.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that all of the Issues, Etc. discussions at the BCS meeting are done in public so the information can get to everybody directly from BCS members and in the minutes of the meeting. I'm worried that the Issues, Etc. discussions will occur in an "executive session" in which visitors are barred from the meeting and the proceedings are kept secret.

There's only one good reason I can see for going into an "executive session," and that is to discuss specific and personal administrative actions with respect to particular individuals (punitive measures, salaries, work evaluations, etc.) Once the discussions on these specific personnel actions are finished, the "executive session" is supposed to end and the meeting opened back up to the public. Unfortunately, because almost every administrative act has an impact on personnel, this fact is often used to (wrongly) invoke "executive sessions." In the case of Issues, Etc., the fact that the cancellation of the show would naturally put Jeff and Todd out of work (or at least require their reassignment) is not justification for an "executive session" because the topic is the canceling of the show. However, an "executive session" to discuss severance terms, etc., and only those things, would be valid. Using the secrecy shield of an "executive session" to prevent the release of facts that may prove embarrassing to one or more people is an abuse of the "executive session" privilege and sows distrust.

The bottom line, as long as the Issues, Etc. cancellation is not inappropriately conducted in an "executive session," the right questions asked, and clear and complete responses received to those questions, we may see some progress. If the answers regarding the Issues, Etc. cancellation (including Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why) are shrouded in the secrecy of an "executive session" or are just not given fully and unequivocally, then the relationship between the synodical leadership and the people which it claims to represent will only deteriorate.