02 April 2008

Mollie Hemingway responds to Kieschnick

Over at "Augsburg 1530" Mollie Ziegler Hemingway responds to Pres. Kieschnick's response to her original WSJ editorial. At first she wasn't going to dignify his non-noteworthy letter to the editor, but she has now decided to give a "Responsorama" - that is, a series of responses to her readers' questions about G.K.'s letter. (At least, I presume that #1 means more are to come.) Here's a sampling:

Q: President K states that he was extremely disappointed in your column. But do you think that, in some way, he appreciated it, since it gave him the opportunity to address publicly the canceling of Issues, Etc., an opportunity he must not have had before?

A: While I’m glad that President Kieschnick finally responded, I wonder why he didn’t feel the need to speak on the matter when thousands of laypeople, seminary professors, pastors and members of the listening public were complaining? What are they, chopped liver? You shouldn’t have to publish something in the Wall Street Journal to have your complaints paid attention to by the leader of your church body.

Once again, a big, hearty "Amen" to Mollie!

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terriergal said...

my comment from the original thread:
Thank you Mollie. Indeed it seems they are chopped liver. He only responded because he was afraid of letting your post go unanswered, because of its visibilty. Us peons in the general public mean nothing. Move with the movers and shake with the shakers, as Rick Warren unapologetically says. Yeah, Jesus did that. /sarc