22 April 2008

Hear Pr. Wilken's Easter 5 Sermon

On Saturday I posted information about Pr. Todd Wilken preaching at Peace Lutheran Church (8:00 AM Divine Service) and being broadcast on KFUO-AM. It appears that the KFUO-AM archive website does not yet have this service and sermon posted. (This would not be abnormal. When Divine Services from Hope, St. Louis were broadcast a couple of years ago, during Lent & Easter, it routinely took a week or so for those recordings to be posted to the website.)

At any rate, you can also listen to Pr. Wilken's sermon at these two places:

Website of Peace Lutheran Church


Pr. Wilken's page at Wittenberg Trail.


Grasshopper said...

It's up now, pastor.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link.
Thanks for all you do for the cause of Issues, Etc., which is for the cause of Christ, which is for the cause of us poor lowly sinners in the pews and elsewhere.
I did appreciate the little reference to having time on his hands lately.
Susan in Tupelo