14 April 2008

Questions for KFUO Sharathon Week

Thanks to "Save the LCMS" for vital questions regarding KFUO and its upcoming "Sharathon" week.

Here's the post:
In three days, KFUO will hold its annual on-air fundraiser called “Sharathon 2008.”

Since the removal of Issues, Etc. from the air on March 18, we have learned some sad facts regarding how business was being done at KFUO.

Here are six questions to consider before this year’s Sharathon:

1. Why does KFUO earn an ”F” grade for financial transparency with Ministry Watch, an organization that rates the 400 largest church ministries in the United States? Would you give to any other Christian media ministry that earned an “F”?

2. Why were significant KFUO-FM costs shifted to KFUO-AM as late as 2007?

3. Can you be sure that a check made out to “KFUO” will go to KFUO-AM and not to KFUO-FM?

4. Why does it cost the LCMS Foundation 38.4 cents to raise a dollar for KFUO? Why did the LCMS Foundation charge KFUO $361,604 to raise $941,739 in 2007?

5. Why does the Program/Development Director for KFUO-FM serve on the board of directors for, and raise money for a group that supports embryonic stem cell research?

6. If KFUO management disagreed with the cancellation of Issues, Etc., why haven’t they publicly stated this disagreement?

It's time for the LCMS and for KFUO to "share" the answers to these questions.

On April 17, 18 and 19 we would like to encourage you to call (800)730-2727 and ask them to share the answers to these questions with you.

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