24 April 2008

COP Healing?

It would appear that once again I'm just a tad late to today's party in dealing with the COP's no-dissenting-vote decision to support Mr. Strand's unilateral decision to cancel the Gospel-proclaiming radio show Issues, Etc. (Somehow I just knew that once I hopped in the car today for a day long road trip, something important would come out, just as it did about a month ago with Mollie's fine article in the WSJ! :-) If you haven't yet seen the COP letter to members of the LCMS, you can read it over at Pr. Weedon's blog.

First, I wonder what ever happened to those District Presidents whose pastors passed resolutions in support of Issues, Etc. and asking for its return. I guess it must be expedient to support those lowly pastors in their angst and let them pass resolutions to feel better "back home," but then turn around and toe the party line--via silence, at least--in the presence of their colleagues on the COP?

Second, I really wonder about this paragraph from COP statement:
We are fully aware of pain in our Synod over the discontinuation of
the KFUO Radio program “Issues, Etc.” When one member of the Body of
Christ hurts—for whatever reason—we all hurt. We are very concerned
about how this pain has affected the church as it carries Christ’s
gifts to the world. Only the devil would rejoice over this disruption!
Yes, when one member hurts, we all hurt. But what about the member of the body who causes the hurt? What about any correction of the member(s) who willfully inflicted the pain? I guess the devil would not rejoice over that disruption that was caused on March 18, 2008?

Actually, I would hazard a guess that the devil did rejoice and is rejoicing that a faithful voice of proclaiming the Gospel around the world has been silenced!

So, dear "friends" on the COP, please don't put the cause of disruption on the shoulders of those who merely ask "Why?" the disruption was caused in the first place and who want some real answers instead of institutional cover up. Please don't cite the Fourth Commandment as some no doubt did when St. Peter and St. John insisted on proclaiming Jesus Christ crucified and risen for us sinners. After all, we must obey God rather than men, and, last time I checked, the Third Commandment comes before the Fourth. And please don't rub our noses in the Eighth Commandment (again), for many of us are desperately trying to protect reputations no matter how hard those other persons involved are making that task.

What we desperately need is not rebuke from those in league with others who initially and unilaterally cause disruption. What we desperately need is repentance ... on ALL fronts and from ALL who consider themselves "churchmen."

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