12 April 2008

Now That's Amazing!

Watch this elephant draw a self portrait - no kidding! Thanks, Fr. Beane (Hollywood). It sure gives a small hint of what we've missed after the Fall into sin, and it sure makes me look forward to the new heaven and the new earth. (Also reminds me of the lion hugging its trainer, which Anastasia posted and I commented on here.)

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wmc said...

I love stuff like this. I saw a thing on TV where elephants were given video cameras disguised as tree stumps. They carried them around to various places for candid shots of animals. They turned out to be quite creative photographers and seems to know exactly what kind of shot to look for. The people who set this up were blown away.

What a wonderful relic of Eden lost and a glimpse of Paradise restored when we will once again be in communion in the new creation, thanks to Him who makes all things new.