14 April 2008

Issues, Etc. - Quo Vademus?

Thanks to Augsburg 1530 for posting this on where we go from here regarding the Issues, Etc. matter. Here's the most pertinent information:

Thanks to everyone who made this a success! But we’re not done yet, there is still a lot of work to be done.

The Board of Communication Services is meeting on Thursday and Friday of this week, and we have a few members who will be speaking for our side. David Berger is a member of the BCS and he is willing to take our emails and letters to the board. You can send him an email to present to the Board on your behalf at bergerd@csl.edu.

We also need to send snail mail to our respective District Presidents. Snail mail still carries more weight then email (I guess it still is a lot like our Grandfather’s church after all). You should be able to find their contact information at www.lcmsdistricts.org

Finally, our congregations need to start passing resolutions in support of Issues, Etc. and showing disapproval of synod actions. Maybe you can be the one to get your congregation to vote on a resolution?!

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