22 April 2008

GetReligion has "Lutherans with Issues"

Over at GetReligion Mollie gives kudos to Tim Townsend, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Religion reporter, for his "fair and balanced" reporting (just had to borrow that phrase because it fits well!) of the Issues, Etc. happenings.

GetReligion analyzes how the media cover matters of church and religion, and I'm sure it must be a good feather in Mr. Townsend's cap that he receives a good review there, especially from another reporter who knows her stuff on religion.

BTW, it would appear that even readers over there aren't buying the company line given by LCMS bureaucrats! Sorry, Mr. Strand, you may have the institutional machinery working in your favor, but folks following the story just don't seem to buy it.


Anonymous said...

We need to enlist Tim Townsend to ask all those question they won't entertain from us riffraff.
He has access. Even we fellow Lutherans don't get access.
Susan in Tupelo

Anonymous said...

I commend Mr Townsend for his journalism and would encourage him to keep investigating this story. I would like Mr. Townsend to ask Mr. Strand the following questions:

"When and how was the decision made to fire Rev. Wilken and Mr. Schwarz?"

"Did you simply tell others in the synod's administration of your intentions to fire or was there some conversation about taking such action?"

"Why were these two gentleman fired in such an urgent manner?"

"Do you disagree with what Rev. Wilken has said in the past, and if so, with what do you disagree? "

"Do you ever intend to speak face to face with those people in your denomination who are concerned about these issues?"

"How is a Christian leader supposed to behave in matters of hiring and firing people?

"Did you make any mistakes in the way you carried this out?"