08 April 2008

Demonstration Details

Augsburg 1530 has posted the following "demonstration details" for next Monday:

For those of you planning to attend our demonstration Monday April 14th, here are some more details.
  • Our objective is to demonstrate our displeasure at the lack of a comprehensive and believable answer to our question: “Why was ‘Issues, Etc.’ canceled?”
  • It will be silent to commemorate the silencing of “Issues, Etc.” and to symbolize the synod’s silence on the real reasons for its cancellation.
  • We will be peaceful, prayerful, and loving. We will not be loud, angry, or hostile.

I highly encourage all who plan to attend to register for both the demonstration itself and also our prayer service the evening before. You can register for both on the same registration page. If you are interested you can even buy some t-shirts for the event.

(BTW, I love the T-shirt that says, "I've got Issues, Etc. with the LCMS"! Not only does it fit Monday's occasion quite well, but it also has some very nice general, multi-purpose appeal too! How do you think it would go over at pastor's conferences and synodical/district conventions? Should I just wear it over my pastor's uniform all the time? ;-)


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Naw, at most just wear the T-shirt at LC-MS functions. Not in anyone's interest to advertise this stuff to the general public.

Randy Asburry said...

Good point! Thanks.

(Actually, I ask the questions only in jest. I'm just not one for wearing such T-shirts in general - T-shirts for my sports teams or those given by my family, sure, but I just have a little hang up with being a human being dressed in billboard clothing :-)