19 April 2008

Get Thee to a Theater

...and see Ben Stein's new movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed! I just returned from seeing it, and I must say that it is awesome, insightful, riveting, and very intelligent. Not bad for a documentary genre movie (after all, I do like the drama and action genres better in general). It also has great apologetics value.

Stein exposes the irrational prejudice of the scientific community to those scientists (many of them not even religious) who say much of anything about "Intelligent Design." He does this by focusing on freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry, and by using the metaphor of the "Berlin wall" of thought in the scientific community that separates the scientific from the seemingly religious. Many absolutely fear that they might have to admit that some intelligence is behind the causation of the universe.

This movie is an absolute must see, not just for Christians, but for all thinking people. And I would strongly urge seeing it a.s.a.p., because one never knows how long this "child" (Stein's movie) will be allowed to cry out that the emperor has no clothes. (I have heard the words "limited engagement" regarding this film.)

Also, check out http://expelledthemovie.com/ - but be ready to wait, as I have, for I'm sure many others are checking it out too.

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