20 August 2008

Ah, Sweet Vacation!

Yes, the RAsburry clan is back from a four-week jaunt around the country!

One week was spent in "scenic" Seward, NE, at the Commission on Worship's "Institute on Liturgy, Preaching, and Church Music." (More comments on the conference's mixed message later.)

Then we traveled to glorious "vacationland." We spent a few days traveling - through long Nebraska, wonderful Wyoming, and into Utah, where we stayed with friends we've known since college and seminary days. Then we cruised across the salt flats of Utah, through the ups and downs of barren Nevada hills, and into central California to spend a couple of days with college and seminary classmate Pr. Alan Sommer and his family. How great is was to see our god-daughter Abigail growing up to into a little lady. And to meet David - what a little pistol! :-)

After a relaxing time in California (well, okay, with the stiffness that followed trying play basketball as if I were still in college!) we headed to the great Northwest to see family. Time for relaxing, canoing on Hagg Lake, visiting Powell's Books in Portland (yes, a veritable city of books!), taking in the beautiful sights of the Rose Garden, and visiting the Oregon coast (yes, Oregon provides its own sunscreen called clouds and fog! :-). After that we journeyed to Corvallis for more relaxing, some visiting with relatives, and then finally went up to La Center, WA, for the long-awaited wedding of my brother and his beloved.

Then came the journey back. More visits with family along the way, but especially the glorious day of seeing (and shopping in) Jackson, WY, and beholding the majestic Grand Tetons. I could spend several days there just looking at all those mighty testimonies to God's creative handiwork! And finally we had to retrace our route back through Nebraska, Iowa (just 10 miles), and Missouri to return home.

Ah, sweet vacation! (Why does it always seem to go so fast?) Stay tuned for some pictures and more details - including exploits of Porthos & Gimli on the beach and chasing me as I raced around on my brother's ATV.

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Rev. James Leistico said...

ahh, yes, Powell's - the only thing I missed about leaving Concordia Portland. Though my wallet has a few more dollars because of losing access to that store. (I have bought some from them online, but not nearly as much as I would have if I had been there in person.)