14 December 2007


...I'm still here.

And no, I have not fallen off the face of the earth!

Please pardon my recent absence from blogosphere, especially on my own blog. I trust that everyone will understand, given regular Advent duties, annual Christmas preparations, both at home and church, then a funeral or two, and add on top of that a critical situation in the congregation. A young man from the congregation, intoxicated and belligerent, was tasered by police one week ago tonight, his heart stopped and he was not given CPR for about five minutes, and he has been in ICU all week...at first in a doctor induced coma, and now slowly waking up. The first couple of days were very touch and go - everyone feared the worst. However, God has been merciful, and this young man seems to be making a good recovery. Only time will tell how my former student at Hope school will recover, but we're all praying that God will grant healing. (We'll have to see what comes of the mistake of the police tasering him in the chest and then neglecting to give him CPR for several minutes!)

Anyway, it's been a pretty hectic couple of weeks - in addition to the usual Advent preaching duties, preparing-for-Christmas "hectic-ness" (as the teens in my house might say) - so perhaps I should reintroduce myself:

I'm Randy Asburry. And, yes, I'm the operator and author (technician? poet?) behind this blog.

Or maybe I should just start posting again and looking forward to your comments. :-)

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