25 December 2007

There's nothing like...

...new Christmas duds! Oh, I've not received any just yet, but Porthos and Gimli did, last night.

Here's Porthos proudly and regally sporting his new "Christmas collar." Don't you just love that distinguished, sophisticated Beagle look? :-)

And here's Gimli showing off his new Christmas collar (finally, after we settled him down from running around like a nervous idget...no, not because of the collar, but because he had to go outside for some "business"!).

And, with the help of my daughter (she has always loved dressing up our dogs!), Porthos gets to display his fashionable Christmas bow. (Actually, we were surprised he finally held still for the picture, because he kept trying to get his teeth under the "neck strap" to yank it off!)

And Gimli relaxing (finally) with his new Christmas look!


Christina said...

"she has always loved dressing up our dogs!"
I have? *blink*

Ha. Porthos is such a poser. He could definitely go on America's Next Top Beagle. :P

Christine said...

Very very spiffy Christmas canines!

I asked Pastor Weedon if he was going to put bells on Lucy's collar so that she could ring them out to the tune of "Stille Nacht" -- alas, he said she would rather eat Christmas turkey!


Randy Asburry said...


I know what he means about Beagles rather eating Christmas turkey...and summer sausage...and cheese...and.... As for bells, well, our two darling dogs got a rubber ball toy with a bell inside, and that bell sure gets their attention. :-)