14 December 2007

Getting in the Christmas spirit?

Two weeks ago we began our Christmas preparations by getting and putting up the Christmas tree. This year, however, we decided not to spend the whole weekend flooding the house with decorations. (For years I've said that we put away the normal house and pull out a whole new one - a different looking one - for the Christmas season!). Instead, we're putting up a few more decorations every few days. It kind of stretches out the preparations - a fitting way to observe Advent, if you ask me.

But even one of the dogs - Gimli - decided to get into the Christmas spirit...well, okay with a little help from a certain teenage daughter I know. Here's Gimli enjoying both his "decoration duds" and his rawhide bone (intended to keep him out of trouble while the family decorated a couple of Saturdays ago). Hmmm. I wonder which he enjoyed more? (which may explain how he allowed the "new duds" ;-)

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