05 November 2007

What awesome things our God can do!

Almost two years ago, January 2006 to be precise, my godson, Matthew Kurz, and his brother, Andrew, were in a very serious car crash on the way to school. Blinded by the sun and navigating around a sharp curve on a country road, Matthew ended up colliding with the back of a stopped school bus (actually, a new stop on the bus' route, as I recall) and getting wedged under the rear bumper. Thinking back on the original picture of the crash, I remain convinced that Matthew himself must have also hit the bus' rear bumper. (Yes, the bus' bumper was right above the driver's seat!)

Andrew suffered only minor injuries and is pretty much fully recovered. Matthew, however, suffered severe brain trauma, was in a coma for about two weeks, and has been slowly recovering and regaining mobility and abilities since.

You can read more about Matthew's story at the blog - "Matthew Kurz - Prayers and Updates" - that my wife and I keep for him. (Okay, I merely set up the blog and my wife faithfully adds all the entries. After all, she and Brenda - Matthew's mom and my wife's cousin - do all the communicating!)

Well, all of this is intended to give thanks to God for His marvelous miracles for Matthew! I just received word from Brenda that their local newspaper, The Sedalia Democrat, has run a story on Matthew's most recent achievements in relearning how to walk and talk.

"Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for His mercy endures forever!"

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