16 November 2007

How Sweet It Is!

Not to boast or anything ;-) , but Pr. Weedon and I must thank our lovely and gracious wives for being so gracious (and lovely) even in the midst of their Pinochle defeat tonight! :-) As I recall from the score sheet - and correct me if I'm wrong, Pr. Weedon - but the *guys* won ... three games to one (not that I, the score keeper, was the keeping score or anything like that! ;-)! Just a couple of double Pinochles between the two of us, and a handy run or two at just the right times, were sure sweet to savor. Thanks again, ladies, for being such good sports! :-)


William Weedon said...

Yes and it was SUCH a pity that Rachel came so, so, so close to double Aces round, and YOU had to have held the one lone Ace that sunk her. Pity, no?

Randy Asburry said...

I guess that was a time when it counted most to have just *one* ace! Adds new meaning to "ace-in-the-hole." :-)

Past Elder said...

Now here's a question for you two fine pastors about Lutheran, specifically LCMS, praxis.

Is there any precedent for playing a card game called Five Hundred?

Back in Minnesota growing up -- where you heard more German than English in the VFW and Legion and sympathy was for the anti-war movement (the war being Nam at the time) was high as they remembered their ancestors draft dodging the Prussians who wanted them to go fight the French so they went to join pockets in American of 48ers -- the card game of choice was always Five Hundred.

Which, along with lapsing into German when ranting I learned to do passably well. Now that I live among people who have to have explained to them what stollen is as we approach Christmas, I have heard Five Hundred, if recognised, called "a poor man's Pinochle".

So, is there a tradition of Five Hundred playing in LCMS?

Randy Asburry said...

Boy, I for one do not know the card game Five Hundred, nor have a I heard of it being a widespread LCMS tradition! Perhaps in certain regions of the country? But then again, I'd better not speculate. Sorry I can't help you more!