05 November 2007

Reformation Polka

Okay, so it's become a tradition at this time of year, the end of October or beginning of November, to pull out the "Reformation Polka" and "sing" it (that is, I read the verses and sort of sing the refrain as I coax others to join in) with the Sunday Bible class. We just did that yesterday in Bible Class, and now someone else (Thanks, Pam!) has put me in touch with actual sung versions of this bit of Reformation-time fun (and however you rate the artistic merits of these performances, they're much more "well done" that I perform in Bible Class! :-).

Here's the "Reformation Polka" with Reformation artwork.

And for those who like cartoons better, here's just such a version.

Oh, by the way, it's all just for fun (Lutherans laughing at/with themselves?), and don't blame me if the tune stays in your head for a while! :-)

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