21 October 2007

Playing Tag

Well, apparently I've been tagged by Anastasia, who was first tagged by Pastor Weedon. I'm told that the challenge is to say seven true things about myself, as Anastasia has done (though I don't remember Pastor Weedon doing so before he tagged her! :-)

So, here goes:

1. I grew up in the state of Oregon ("Or'-e-gun" not "O-ree-gone'"!) and lived in that beautiful state until I moved away to go to seminary. Unofficially, I belong to the "Society of Native Oregon Born" (S.N.O.B.)! :-) I sure miss "God's country" (especially during horrendously hot and humid St. Louis summers!), and I hope to get back there someday for more than just a vacation visit.

2. I am the only clergy-type in my family, so that makes me the hands down candidate for "black sheep" of the family! :-) My dad was a civil engineer, and my mom did clerical work for math professors at a university. They're both happily retired now.

3. God has blessed me with a beautiful and gracious wife (she has to be gracious with me around!) and with two bright, intelligent, caring teenage children (okay, sometimes that "caring" part and that "teenage" part don't always appear simultaneously! ;-). I love them all very much.

4. I adore my beagle boys, Porthos and Gimli. They are fitting successors to our former beagle, Shadow (that's a tribute for another blog post someday).

5. My favorite sports teams include the St. Louis Rams (even when they don't do well), and the Portland Trailblazers (ditto!). (Did someone say "theology of the cross"? ... 'cause there sure aint no "theology of glory" with either team!)

6. I love to read and learn and grow, especially in the areas of theology and church history, and always wish I had more time to do all three. Why is it that there are so many good books and so little time?

7. And, saving the best for last, I am incredibly grateful (and often ineffably so) that our gracious God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - has seen fit to rescue the likes of me from sin, death, and the devil through the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. And I constantly pray that somehow, purely by His merciful working, He will lead us Christians to swallow our sinful pride so that we can mend the rifts in Christendom and present a united witness for the life of the world.

Now that I've been "it" and given my seven truths of life, I'll tag Pastor Christopher Hall and Pastor Tim May. Let's see what seven true things you can tell us about yourselves!


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Well done and very interesting!

Christian unity, though, seems to me more than a matter of swallowing our pride. There are real theological differences.

Glad you tagged Pr. Hall, as I was wishing I had done it!


Rev. Timothy D. May said...

I admit to being "tagged" but do not know what that means. Do I list the 7 true items about myself on my blog or here? Forgive my naiveté. ;-)

Randy Asburry said...


This most certainly true, however, swallowing our pride may actually lead us to sit down and discuss these differences with one another so that we can separate the caricatures from the genuine differences.

Randy Asburry said...


I was in the same boat just less than 24 hours ago, when I discovered that I had been "tagged."

As it was told to me, simply list 7 true items about yourself on your own blog, and then "tag" someone else(s). Pr. Weedon begged me not to tag him because he first tagged Anastasia. But I'm not so sure that should rule him out! :-) (Not to mention that's what he told *me*; he didn't say that to you, I don't think. :-)

Rev. Timothy D. May said...

Thanks! I think I have it figured out and have attempted my list of 7.
Check out the blog and see where the trail leads . . .