25 October 2007

"Dueling" von Schenks

In several posts Pastor Weedon has gone to quoting Pr. Berthold von Schenk, from his book The Presence, and it would seem that Pr. Weedon just can't put the book down. (I wish I had that problem - I don't want to put it down, but, well, circumstances in life force me to! :-) Since The Presence is such a great book, there are so many juicy quotes to choose from! So, perhaps Pr. Weedon and I should just begin a session of "Dueling" von Schenks.

Here's another great von Schenk quote:

"We are to be one with God through our faith in Christ--by our surrender to Him. This union with God through our Lord Jesus Christ is to be so real, so complete, that the very love with which the Father loves the Son, that is, the very divine Love itself, the love of Bethlehem, the love of Calvary, is to RADIATE IN AND THROUGH US. That is our destiny. There can be no other destiny than this. We are to be so completely at one with God that our weak love is caught up with His divine love. And the result is that we become channels of the divine love to others. Not a love like the divine love, but the very divine love itself" (p. 46, his emphasis).

P.S. My own personal copy of The Presence is on its way, so I'm sure that more quotes from von Schenk will be appearing in this forum too! :-)

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