28 October 2007

Direct the Groping to the Altar

Here's another pearl of a quote from Pr. Berthold von Schenk. What he wrote in back 1945 is just as true - or even truer - for the Church in 2007:

In these days men are again groping for faith. Their experience has told them that there is something fundamentally wrong in the world. They are turning to the Church for guidance. The Church will fail in its great opportunity as she has failed so often, unless she can direct these groping souls to the Altar where they will find the living Reality, the risen Saviour, the source of Christian life. The revival for the love of the Altar will change the whole face of the Church of Christ. It will help to lift our groping, blind leaders, both of clergy and laity, out of the mirk of materialism and methodism to a vision of the supernatural (The Presence, p. 109).

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