08 July 2008

Yep, still longing for the New Creation!

Thanks, Fr. Hollywood, for posting this video, several versions of which show up on YouTube, (depending on what song you may prefer with it as well as what "love your neighbor" and "get in touch with your long lost loved ones" message you may desire :-).

Rather than take this video as a "love your neighbor" and "get in touch with your friends" message, perhaps we really ought to think of our Savior's restoration of us and all of His creation begun in His death and resurrection. Not only does this video remind me of that news story of a lion hugging its benefactor (see my March 14 post), but once again it instills that healthy longing for our Lord's new creation when the lion shall lie down with the lamb, etc. It also reminds me of Luther's delightful speculation about Adam before the fall into sin:
"I am fully convinced that before Adam's sin his eyes were so sharp and clear that they surpassed those of the lynx and eagle. He was stronger than the lions and the bears, whose strength is very great; and he handled them the way we handle puppies. Both the loveliness and the quality of the fruits he used as food were also far superior to what they are now" ("Lectures on Genesis," Luther's Works, American Edition, vol. 1, p. 62).
And, I suppose I must say this: this video does lead me to appreciate - I guess - the loving mauling that my little Beagles often give, jumping up on my lap, getting right in my face, and smothering me with licks. Yes, that too gives a glimpse of our Lord's restored creation (even if I do have to go wash my face afterward, because, yes, I do know where those tongues have been and what they may have eaten in the backyard! :-).


Anonymous said...

Agreed. But you forget that your Beagles mouth is cleaner than humans mouth. = )

Randy Asburry said...

Come now, "anonymous," have you seen what they eat when their out in their own back yard (if you know what I mean)? And then there's that good ol' just plain "dog breath" thing.

I certainly trust that such things - "scatophagia" (yes, the real term for it!) and "dog breath" - will *not* be part of the new creation!

Oh, I still love my "Beagle buddies" greatly. Don't get me wrong. Right now it just happens to be much more as I trust God Himself loves me ... despite all the stinky things, literally and figuratively, about me. :-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe puppy breath will remain in the new creation. Dog breath is of a different character entirely.
As for that happy video, it's suggestive of that happy mauling we will receive in Heaven. It was a great comfort, when my husband died, to think him being not only welcomed, but *made welcome* into Heaven; made at home. I'm sure it was more than a checking off of his name on the Great Roll. I'm sure we'll comprehend real joy at that moment, and never cease to comprehend it.
Susan R

Randy Asburry said...


Agreed on the puppy breath vs. dog breath distinction. A very important existential point! ;-)

As for the happy mauling, yes, I imagine that the heavenly host will make us quite welcome. After all, they are still communing with us around the Lord's Altar, and I'm sure that they just can't wait to introduce us to the joys of life with our Triune God.

"But, lo, there breaks a yet more glorious day: The saints triumphant rise in bright array; The King of Glory passes on His way. Alleluia! Alleluia!

"From earth's wide bounds, from ocean's farthest coast, Through gates of pearl streams in the countless host, Singing to Father, Son, and Holy Ghost: Alleluia! Alleluia!" (LSB 677:7-8)

Anonymous said...

A hearty Amen, Pastor.
One thing struck me in that video: that, eventually, the men and the lion would have to part again. So it goes with reunions.
Which makes Heaven all the sweeter. It's all greeting and rejoicing, with one another and with God and The Lamb, and with no subsequent partings to cloud the moment of joining and rejoining. An eternal moment!
Susan R

-C said...

Completely aside from any theological inferences or metaphors, I found this simply touching.

Thanks for sharing it.