02 July 2008

Porthos & Gimli Update

Some of you have asked how Porthos and Gimli are doing, and some have even sent their "hugs and kisses" (okay, not your exact words perhaps, but a similar sentiment ;-). Here they are, enjoying the warm summer weather a couple of weeks ago, and, as they say in Trinidad, doing some "liming" (just hangin' out), except without the mandatory beer. (Yes, I've tried, but they just turn up their noses. Oh, well, more for me! :-)


Christine said...

Wonderful, wonderful photo!

My husband and I just adopted a petite female dog from a local shelter. She is part Shar Pei and (according to the vet) part Beagle. Whenever I take her for walks her nose is constantly to the ground, tracking. I'm guessing that's the Beagle part of her :)

I think Porthos and Gimli would like her! More cyberhugs to them both!

Randy Asburry said...

Yep, Christine, nose to the ground is a certainly a Beagle trait. After all, they just have to sniff for any and all scents to lead them in any and every direction, but they especially sniff for those rabbits ... or squirrels too, as Porthos & Gimli have added those pesky critters to the most desired "menu." :-)

Enjoy your little petite dog! Sounds like Pr. Weedon's little Lucy.