17 June 2008

Issues Studio in the Making

Here are some more pics of the new Issues, Etc. studio in the making. (The first batch was posted over at Augsburg 1530 in several posts on June 11.)

The new sound board arrives.
(But where's the hired help to carry it in? I sure hope their health plan covers this stress and strain. :-)

Sound proofing is going up.
(Moving boxes for sound proofing? ;-)

The equipment is unpacked.
(Makes me salivate just thinking about assembling electronic gadgets! :-)


wrmyers said...

A box labeled *TRUTH*. Perfect!

Randy Asburry said...


Anonymous said...

Cool that they even are able to buy truth in a box. Awesome.


Randy Asburry said...

Actually, Truth comes already paid for by His own blood on the Cross! :-)