07 May 2008

Great Questions from Wyoming

Thank you, brothers in the Wyoming District (my former District, before returning to Missouri), for some stellar questions about the Issues, Etc. travesty! Please let us know if you get any answers!

Here are their questions, addressed to the President of Synod, the Board for Communication Services, and the Council of Presidents. (You can read the full resolution over at Pr. Weedon's blog.)

1. The Council of Presidents and Executive Director of the BCS both released statements which claim that the terminations were handled in a Christian and Compassionate manner. How is it an exercise in Christian Compassion to terminate two individuals who had served in this capacity for nearly a decade, on such short notice, and during Holy Week?

2. How does summarily firing a man who was not simply an “at will employee” but also one who had a Divine Call reflect a confessional understanding of the Office of the Holy Ministry?

3. If this decision was made, as has been stated, for purely stewardship and programmatic reasons, why was the Treasurer of Synod (stewardship) and the full BCS (programmatic) not consulted?

4. Given concerns for the 8th Commandment as we deal with issues such as these, why was the decision to discontinue “Issues, Etc.” and the consequent firing of Rev. Wilken and Mr. Schwarz no immediately followed by a statement which clearly indicated that such termination was in no way related to their job performance or any other personal issues with these faithful men?

5. In light of the admitted “anxiety, worry, and consternation” which this decision has caused, and in light of synodical bylaw that “all staff of corporate Synod and every agency of the Synod shall be sensitive in their activities to taking or giving offense, giving the appearance or impropriety, (or) causing confusion in the Synod...” what actions has Dr. Kieschnick taken or does he plan to take to remedy this situation by reversing actions of Synod staff which have broken this bylaw according to his mandate in bylaw, “He shall call up for review any action by an individual officer, executive, or agency that, in his view, may be in violation of the Constitution, Bylaws, and resolutions of the Synod.”?


wrmyers said...

...and regarding item 3, why this

Family of Michael & Jen-Yi Paul said...

Nicely written. Thanks for posting it here.