15 April 2011

Move on over - to "The RAsburry Patch"

Note to all followers and readers: "RAsburry's Res" is moving. Come and join me over at "The RAsburry Patch"!

Why am I moving (er, changing my blog's name and look)?

  • I just plain want to.
  • It's time for a newer, crisper, cleaner look.
  • I'm ready for a new name that's more easily accessible. 
  • (Yeah, I thought I'd be smart with the Latin word "res" and its alliteration with "RAsburry," but it's time for less explanation and more ease of access.)

All the posts and comments from "RAsburry's Res" can also be found over at "The RAsburry Patch," and that is where my blogging will continue.

So, followers (all 36 of you), please come on over with me and follow my blog there. Other readers, come over too, and please become followers there.

Thank you for your continuing support and readership ... and I look forward to seeing you over at "the Patch."

1 comment:

Helen said...

O.K. Pastor R. I think I've officially signed in here. Hope its correct!