05 September 2010

Homily for Trinity 14

Today's homily on Luke 17:11-19, Jesus healing the ten lepers, is titled "Show Yourself Clean." Just as the one leper - and a Samaritan at that - returned to Jesus the true Priest and showed himself clean, we also return to our Lord in the Divine Service to be cleansed of our leprosy of sin and death.

To listen to the homily, click on this link, download the audio file, and listen away.


Lauren Mayfield said...

I love this image. Is it possible to use for the cover of our Thanksgiving Day bulletins? Is it copyrighted? Thanks in advance for your help.

Randy Asburry said...

Hi Lauren. It's a great image, isn't it? Honestly, I simply found it by searching for images on Google for the story of Jesus healing the ten lepers. I believe I found it on another blog, but when I search for it now, I only come across newer blog entries, after mine of 5 Sept. 2010, which use the same image. Also, I must admit that I don't know if it is copyrighted or not. So, as I have done, I suggest use at your own discretion, keeping the copyright issue fully in mind.