26 July 2010

Homily for Trinity 8

The theme given to us in the readings for the Eighth Sunday after Trinity focus on discerning false prophets. The Jeremiah 23 reading indicts those who proclaim their own dreams and visions and not the words of God, the Acts 20 reading testifies to St. Paul's faithful proclamation of God's word of grace, and in the Gospel reading from Matthew 7 our Lord Jesus Christ exhorts us to beware of false prophets. So under the theme "Beware of False Prophets" this homily addresses three questions: What does Jesus mean by false prophet? How can we tell a false prophet from a true one? And would we be able to know a false prophet if we heard one?

To listen to the audio file of this homily for Trinity 8, click on this link, download the audio file, and listen away.

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