01 April 2010

A Gem from Luther

Here's a gem of a quote from Luther, which was part of a larger reading at this morning's Holy Thursday Morning Prayer:
"Therefore, the Sacrament is given as a daily pasture an sustenance, that faith may refresh and strengthen itself so that it will not fall back in such a battle, but become ever stronger and stronger. The new life must be guided so that it continually increases and progresses. But it must suffer much opposition. For the devil is such a furious enemy. When he sees that we oppose him and attack the old man, and that he cannot topple us over by force, he prowls and moves about on all sides. He tries every trick and does not stop until he finally wears us out, so that we either renounce our faith or throw up our hands and put up our feet, becoming indifferent or impatient. Now to this purpose the comfort of the Sacrament is given when the heart feels that the burden is becoming too heavy, so that it may gain here new power and refreshment." (Large Catechism, V:24-27; Concordia, pp. 434-35)


Anonymous said...

Thnnk you for that quote. Those words "wears us out", indifferent or impatient" describe me more than I want to admit. I have had the thought that the only reason I am still a Christian is because of the Sacrament.


Randy Asburry said...


The same applies to many (all!) of us at one time or another--worn out, indifferent, and impatient, that is. Go ahead and let the Sacrament be the chief reason you remain a Christian. After all, it IS Christ's own Body and Blood given and shed to nourish and *strengthen* you. Your Lord uses His holy Meal to help you "just hang on," as the case may be, even as He uses it to lift you to the heights of joy in His forgiveness and life.

You can also rejoice in this: the reason you are still is Christian is the same reason that you became one in the first place--Jesus Christ, His grace, His mercy, His lovingkindness that knows no end. Now there's something you can hold on to no matter how worn out, indifferent, or impatient the adversary may make you.

The Lord bless you and keep you!

Anonymous said...

Pastor Asburry, thank you for those comforting comments.

Blessed Easter,