09 February 2009

A Great Morning Hymn

Sometimes the loftiest thoughts and prayers can be expressed in the simplest of terms. Such is the case with this morning prayer hymn by Zhao Zichen (1888-1970) and translated by Stephen P. Starke. And with this hymn the oriental tune, Le P'ing, really makes it stick in your mind, sometimes for days to come.

"Greet the Rising Sun" (LSB 871)

Greet the rising sun,
Shining with bright force,
Like an athlete strong,
Set to run the course;
Birds soar high above,
Wildflow'rs bloom below;
With the day's new light,
Glad to work I go.

Father, hear my prayer,
Keep me safe today;
Sanctify my thoughts,
All I do and say:
As I teach the young
And esteem the old,
May Your bounteous grace
By my life be told.

Lord, I will today
On Your love rely;
Let no evil thought
Cloud the clear blue sky.
Joyful and content
With life's simpler things,
Knowing all I need
From Your kindness springs.


Anonymous said...

Amen on that ear-worm aspect of that song.
My choir sang it Sunday. But all week, the song has gone on and on in my head, and once in awhile escaping from my lips in little snippets of melody or words.
Truly a sweet but pithy hymn.

Anonymous said...

I have an arrangement of this for SAB choir and piano four hands if you are interested in taking a look at it.
(hoop@shaw.ca) John Hooper