25 September 2008

Back to our roots, for economics too

Check out this article by Chuck Norris on the current financial mess and meltdown in our nation. It would appear that Norris is quite savvy about more than just karate and acting; he may just have something to say in our economic/political climate, and that by returning to the fathers of our nation's past. Actually, it sounds pretty common sense to me, but then again I, like most Americans, am a "Washington outsider."


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

The Founding Fathers had the right idea, no doubt.

Trouble is, once you've strayed so far from what's right, you sometimes go back to how it should have been without creating worse havoc. For example, what if we tried to give back to the Native Americans all the land we stole from them?

Randy Asburry said...


May I presume that you intended to say: "once you've strayed so far from what's right, you sometimes *can't* go back to how it should have been without creating worse havoc"?

Your point is well taken. After all, no one can change the past. I just find it alarming that the U.S. government keeps slipping ever so incrementally (or not) toward Socialism (more and more government controls of more and more aspects of our American life), which ultimately leads to Communism. What frightens me is not so much the political mess and implications of such slippage, but what such governance inevitably does with/to the Church, as we've seen in places such as Russia and China within the last century.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...
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Anastasia Theodoridis said...

A second try...

Yes, I meant *can't." In fact, I tried to correct that last night, but somehow couldn't get your combox to reappear...

Anyway, I fully agree. Except I have this growing suspicion that we may ALREADY be in a crypto-dictatorship. Certainly all the friends we have in Greece believe we are. And our friends in Russia. And I wonder if what's happening now is, it's just gradually becoming more consolidated, hence more overt.

Yes, we can still vote, but so could the people of the Soviet Union. What does it matter, if our choice is between two people both fully in the pockets of the same ruling elite?

And if you want to know who the boss is/ bosses are, ask the age-old question: qui bono? Our leaders do all sorts of things that are actually *against* the interests of our country, are very much anti-American. So who benefits? What tail is wagging this dog, wagging a lot of dogs? (The Greek government does the same, all sorts of things that undermine Greek culture and values and security.)

We Americans have been asleep at the wheel, while our liberties have been stolen. And we paid no attention except to Profit. Now that, as well, is slipping away.