19 March 2008

Screwtape returns?

Here's a good bit of wisdom from one of my parishioners who has already corresponded with the LCMS (yes, already sent this!) regarding the "Holy Tuesday Treachery" of canceling Issues, Etc. In good C. S. Lewis style my parishioner reminds us of what's really transpiring here (i.e. more than mere politics and cut-throat corporate tactics, though those are very much in play too, I'm sure), as you can see from the references to Wormwood and Screwtape. (And thanks to C. S. Lewis for giving us this wondrous way of looking at the reality of such things!)
My dear nephew Wormwood,

I offer heartiest congratulations on your recent victory, the cancellation of that most odious radio program, Issues, Etc.! The complete erasure of the existence of the program from the Internet and elsewhere with no explanation...oh what a glorious coup! Not only does this remove one of The Patient's lifelines, but it has encouraged him to violate the 8th Commandment again and again, by spreading gossip and inciting anger and hatred. Clearly, you have learned your lessons well.

Your affectionate uncle, Screwtape


wm cwirla said...


I would revise ever so slightly:

"Not only does this remove one of The Patient's lifelines, but it will stir up in him all sorts of religious guilt over supposed "violations" of the 8th commandment. You know how precious guilt can be for the new believer. And you know how much our Father Below loves to hide behind the 8th commandment. It keeps Him so much beyond criticism of any sort."

Randy Asburry said...

Good point, indeed!