14 February 2008

Champion Beagle...Finally!

Congratulations to "Uno" - a Beagle - for being the #1 dog at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show! And from nearby Belleville, IL, no less.

How amazing it is that one of the favorite dog breeds - indeed, *my* favorite! - has finally won after 100 years. I'm just glad that a "real dog" won the show. :-) (What are those other critters called, the ones with the foofy masses of cotton stuck on their heads, upper bodies, and tails? Poodles? Are they really "dogs"? :-)

Here's the story (video) from the online version of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.


Paul T. McCain said...


Randy Asburry said...

Hey what? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hate to disagree, but a "real dog" is a boxer. My boxer happens to be a lug head, but she is a lean, mean, dog machine. She is also quite the sinner, but my son says she is remorseful.

However, we have hope that she will make it to doggie heaven. During our devotion she parks herself in front of our family alar and looks at the icons. She licks us when we sing hymns(yuck); so I suppose redemption is possible (vbg).


Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Now hold on there; just a DOGgone minute!

No matter how their owners foof them up, Poodles are real dogs, too! Harrrumph.

Furthermore, I'll have you know, that foof has a serious purpose. That is a *working* foof, because Poodles are retrievers. Their haircut is for retrieving ducks from cold water. Hence, long hair on chest and over joints to keep them warm the rest short and hydrodynamic.

Poodles are highly intelligent, do not shed (making them perfect for allergic persons), and don't smell as much as other dogs, either.

Unlike some dogs, whose breed(s) shall not be mentioned, they look up sometimes when you're walking them and notice their surroundings. They do not pass a downwind squirrel or a rabbit without even noticing it because their noses, glued to the ground, were distracting them.

Because they require a lot of grooming, they are virtually always clean enough to sleep in your bed and they love to keep your lap warm, too.

They get along well with children, usually ignore household cats, and -- well, you get the idea. Their virtues go on and on and on and on.

Yours very truly,
Irate Poodle Lover

Randy Asburry said...


In my house, we have a combination of canine pet pieties. When we pray before a meal, Gimli will trot over to the carpet where he is supposed to stay for the meal, until he can eat. He knows when to pray. Porthos, though, well, we affectionately call him our "little pagan," because he just stands there and doesn't do anything. :-)


I'm sorry to made you an irate poodle lover! ;-)

I really can't see your point about the "working foof." Seems a contradiction in terms to me (like "military intelligence"? :-).

I can see your point about the noses to the ground, but, hey, my Beagles are just doing what they're bred to do: protect me from the cute squirrels and bunnies as we walk. (I'm not so sure that those cute little critters are completely germ and rabies free here in the city of St. Louis, if you know what I mean! :-)

As for keeping laps warm, Beagles do just great at that too, I'll have you know, especially two of them. And in my wife's case, she loves to relax in her recline with a quilt over her, and our Beagle boys love to plop themselves on top of the quilt too - so very toasty - at least I'm told.

Perhaps I'm still not sold on the poodles because of the one my brother-in-law and his family have - a big poodle, not a little lap dog. It has this nasty habit of sneaking up behind you and sticking its snout...well, I'll let you guess where, and I'll just say it's always a bit of a surprise! :-)

So, no harumphing necessary! It's all in good canine fun!

Anonymous said...

Randy!! I heard through the grapevine that Rachel was trying to track me down. since I found you here, thought I'd leave a note. my email is petersnap6@msn.com

Becky (Brockmann)Petersen

Randy Asburry said...


Great to hear from you! And thanks for finding and checking out my blog. Come back frequently.

I'll tell Rachel that you're now looking for her! :-)