29 January 2008

Here's A "Must Read"...

...and a "must add" to your favorite, most-visited blogs! I just came across a new blog - started in December 2007, for the group "Missouri Cures without Cloning." As you may recall, the 2006 elections gave Missouri a horrendous constitutional amendment that supports "embryonic stem cell research" - that is, the practice of harvesting human embryos - a.k.a. little human lives! - for the purpose garnering their stem cells with the distant hopes that someday some cure for some disease may eventually be discovered. Well, now pro-life Missourians are trying to reverse this unethical, immoral amendment. You can find out more about the issue in general and the specific progress of "Missouri Cures without Cloning" here. Looks like a lot of good and helpful information, and I've only scratched the surface.

Please bookmark the blog, add it to your Bloglines feeds, and tell others about it!

Here's their inaugural greeting and message from 12/4/07:

Welcome to the Missouri Cures Without Cloning blog!

We've designed this blog to bring you regular updates of our efforts to enact a common sense prohibition on human cloning in Missouri.

Who are we?

Missouri Cures Without Cloning is a coalition of concerned Missouri citizens, doctors, and academics have launched an initiative petition effort to close a loophole in Missouri law that allows for human cloning in Missouri.

Cures Without Cloning seeks to:

  • Prohibit human cloning.
  • Continue to search for cures and treatments using ethical stem cell research.
  • Prohibit tax-payer money from being used for human cloning experiments.

To learn more about us, please visit http://www.mocureswithoutcloning.com/.

Be sure to check back soon!

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